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about dwikoarie


I am an experienced wedding photographer based in South East London, originally from Indonesia, raised in the UK. Through my experiences working alongside some of the most respected photographers from around the world, I have gained the best knowledge and unique techniques to capture the very best moments for the special bride and groom. 

My documentary approach enables me to tell the best story that will be the most memorable. Personally I never liked to be the centre of attention and this job offers me the best of both worlds. I am able to do something I really love, be around great people and at the same time quietly capturing the couple's special day.

I have travelled and captured beautiful weddings in countries such as Cyprus, India, Thailand, Kenya, Greece, Spain, Bahrain and Indonesia. During my photography career, Dwiko has experienced weddings from different religious background and different cultures, which is why I absolutely love what I do. 


Jeff Newsom, My wife & kid.


Canon, Sony


Born Indonesian. Raised British

I am inspired by the people around me. The words they say, the moment they create - for me to capture


PHOTOGRAPHY & Cinematography


My style of photography is to document the occasion naturally and visualise the different actions around me. During photoshoots, I want to capture the moment that the couple can look back on for years to come and to relive that feeling each time. 

In addition to photography, I also hold a creative vision with cinematography. Supported by my talented colleagues, we has been involved in some of the most glamorous weddings.


Dwiko is the kind of awesome guy you would want as a wedding guest anyway. But, more than that, he is a consummate professional with amazing creative vision.
— Tamanda Walker, Bride
He is really creative and makes the most of any backdrop to form a beautiful photo. Colour was extremely important to us on the day and Dwiko captured this perfectly.
— Marta Lamela-Eraclides, Bride
Dwiko captured our magical day beautifully. I would recommend him highly.
— Sian Davies, Bride
I cannot say enough about Dwiko - from the very first email, I knew he was the guy for us! Superbly friendly, SO easy to work with, completely centred around our needs and likes and dislikes and exceptionally flexible to accommodate whatever we wanted.
— Bhavisha Mehta, Bride


e: info@dwikoarie.com
t: +447725207315

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